Ordering Information

Flat Rate Shipping on most Orders - $7.99
We do not ship internationally.
Additional shipping charge may apply to herb orders as state on their product detail page.
Some items are PICKUP ONLY as noted.

What to expect:Except for the herbs in 2" & 3" pots, we do not ship pots and soil. Pot grown plants will have most of the soil removed. Your perennials and herbs will be kindly wrapped and boxed to ensure a pleasant journey. Most plants will be actively growing when shipped and, if necessary for safe shipment, tops may be removed. Some plants may ship while still dormant - be patient.

A word about sizes and pricing: Our plants continually flow from starts, into various sized pots, bumped up to larger pots, into the ground, then divided again. Sizes change from year to year.

Price is based on several factors: size of the plant; availability & demand, propagation results, and source (i.e. patented plants are purchased every year). So, pricing tends to look like this:

Perennials: Divisions and small pots (4", qts.) $8.00-$10.00; Established gallon pots and select varieties $10.00-$12.00; Selected varieties $15.00 & up. First year from seed in 3" pots - $3.00-$5.00

Herbs: Potted herbs (2"-3") $4.00; Larger pots (4", qts.) and select herbs $7.00-$10.00.

Herb shipping: Most of the herbs are grown from seed and timed for my garden center and ready for shipping in May. I can ship them sooner but they will be smaller. I don't ship herbs in the fall.

Bottom Line: Our goal is to exceed your expectation - please let us know if we do not.

We will ship USPS Priority Mail.

March through June and again mid - August through September

We ship your plants early in the week to avoid weekend layovers.

Concerns & returns:
If problems arise, let us know your concerns. We want you to be happy and will work with you to resolve any issues that arise. We have always worked from the premise that gardeners are honest, reasonable people and it has served us well.

If you are uncomfortable shopping online we have a printable order form and we do except personal checks and money orders.

Flat Rate Shipping on all Orders - $7.99

Shipping Season:


Begin Spring Shipping

Begin Fall Shipping

8,9,10 Early March Late September
7 Late March Mid September
6 Early to Mid April Early September
5 Mid to Late April Mid to Late August
3,4 Early to Mid May Mid August
Off season shipping upon request. You will receive notificatin when your plants are shipped.

Our plants are inspected by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture and guaranteed to be disease-free and healthy. Furthermore, your plants will be true to variety, well-rooted, and ready to grow in your garden. If you do not like what you see when you unpack your plants, please contact us right away and we will work with you to correct it. Because of the many factors involved, we cannot categorically guarantee the long-term survival of your plants.

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